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ABS Shutters

Technically superb, aesthetically perfect

The Georgia is an engineered multi material solid painted tough low cost shutter. The stile and rails are made with a strong laminated timber core, wrapped in MDF and coated in an etched plastic.

The louvres are extruded ABS (The same tough plastic electric kettles are made from) and are very strong allowing for extra widths not possible with Timber or MDF. The whole shutter and frame (MDF) is then paint finished in a choice of 28 colours.


Looks as good as wood but is stronger.

F & B Colours in a low cost shutter.

The louvres are extruded ABS.

Colours available in the ABS Shutter Range.

extra white silk white bright white pearl ivory lace marshmallow creamy crisp linen Bisque Alabaster butter whim white stringy pointed white off whiter clunched mahogany Hall Gray Hard White Blue Gray Elephants Air chai Stone Grey Blue Gray Clay

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