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New Years Transformations

New Years Transformations

If you, like many of us feel inspired by the new year and decide to redecorate and remodel your home, it’s a good idea to make changes that matter and last the test of time. 

My friend Rachel inspired by the new year, decided to plan a spring redecoration in her home. Remodelling her Edwardian semi in Hove and looking to upgrade the layout, colour-scheme and window treatments. Currently her living room looks very outdated, a Farrow and Ball colour scheme with muted tones and hues such as String and Dead Salmon. One wall was covered in a sumptuous wallpaper coordinated with sets of curtains and a general overall colour scheme that would have been the height of sophistication at the time it was hung, but is now starting to look dated and peeling slightly at the edges. She decided to choose a new updated look for the new year but didn’t know where to start.

Room with a View 

Gathering the advice of friends and family, it was apparent that the main feature in the room and the focal point of the space was the French patio doors leading to her pretty back garden, and therefore it needed to be the starting point for consideration. She bought a pile of interior design magazines and one article in particular, World of Interiors, showing how the addition of a set of stylish plantation shutters can totally transform a room.


Rachel decided to take the plunge and have a set of off-white Basswood plantation shutters fitted for her French doors and all the windows in her living room. From this the rest of the decor evolved, light, airy tones of white and pale grey with fresh green accents reminiscent of an early 20 century southern French villa. Soft light reflecting from the slats from the louvres evoking a romantic, vintage feel to her new space. The result was breathtaking.


Inspired by her brand new home Rachel decided to hold an afternoon party to celebrate her birthday and in turn show off her new room. The response was overwhelming, her friends and family couldn’t believe the transformation. One friend in particular who had taken some pictures at the gathering and placed them on his instagram feed, was approached by an online interior designer who wanted to feature her space as a subject for his online magazine. He said he was particularly amazed at how a very modest living room in a small town house in Hove could be transformed into such a romantic, stylish interior evocative of a film set.

Take the Plunge

When looking to redecorate your home, it’s important to consider your lighting and remember that your natural light source is the most important, your windows being the central connection, focal and vantage point from the inside to outside. Curtains and blinds can offer a softness and framework to a door or window but when adding something ultimately more streamline such as a set of stylish plantation shutters, that will manipulate and enhance the light source as well as offer insulation, noise reduction and draught exclusion; not to mention a timeless elegance and beauty, you will not look back. 

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