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Wooden Shutters Brighton – As told by a clients friend

Wooden Shutters Brighton – As told by a clients friend

Walking down a row of typically neat and tidy victorian terrace houses on a beautiful summers day, on my way to visit a friend, in a archetypal middle class neighbourhood. I noticed that all the facades were differentiated by a number of things, the foliage and flora, small shrubs, hedges, plant pots and a few hanging baskets; then there was the obvious different coloured doors, letterboxes and the other usual fixings and fittings.

On this particular day, it was none of the above that caught my attention, as much as the sleek stylish facades of some of the windows. I was noticing the presence of more Internal shutters; clean, white horizontal lines reflecting bold shapes and casting attractive, soft light and shade within the traditional windows frames.

This stylish new look was a refreshing change from the usual net curtains or even the typical fitted curtains or blinds. These more robust wooden shutters reminded me of a traditional French villa, a timeless, chic, classic design, with an open-shut mechanism, fitted to the exact dimensions of the window forming a protective layer from sun, drafts and prying eyes. like a glamorous second skin. 

Finally I’d arrived at my friends house whose front windows had been freshly adorned with such fashionable, new shutters. Sipping a cuppa with her in her front room, I complimented her on her new home improvements nodding towards those glamorous internal shutters. She smiled widely and told me they were worth every penny, not only protecting her living room, but giving such a sense of space and unity to the area.

I noticed how bright and light her previously, dark and shadowy lounge seemed; giving a sleek designer look to her space like one of those featured interiors out of a glossy home design magazine.

As I basked in the space, I recalled how this once dark and generic family living room, with its usual features eg. telly in the corner, wooden book shelves, kids toys, Ikea rug and three piece suite, had never caught my attention as much as now. It was as though a magic wand had transformed the area, just by giving the largest feature in the room; the windows, a face-lift.

In turn it was apparent that and not only was the mood of the room totally transformed but so was mine. It was odd but I’d never felt so relaxed and comfortable in my friend’s lounge, in fact I used to prefer to sit at her kitchen table at the back of the house for our coffee fuelled chats, rather than the dingy, gloomy light of the front room, despite the fact that the chairs were more comfortable in her lounge.

As I reclined on her sofa, in the soft glow of the newly adorned windows, my friend proceeded to proudly demonstrate how the shutters worked, easily folding back to fit perfectly against the window frame, or levering the slats up or down to change the lighting. It seemed so easy and user-friendly. In fact I was so happy in her space, I forgot the time and missed my scheduled pilates class.

Ultimately these new internal shutters demonstrated the fine art of window styling and how an attractive room can change everything, from the feel of the space to your mood.