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Window Dressings for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Have you considered window dressings for your kitchen or bathroom? Just like any other room in the home, these spaces can benefit from window shutters or blinds. They are particularly important for maximising privacy in bathrooms, especially if you do not have obscure glazing. Whatever your reason for adding new window coverings to your kitchen or bathroom, it is important to choose the right products for these moist and humid environments. Luckily, Oh So Shutters Ltd is here to help.

We supply and fit solid panel shutters, Venetian blinds, roller blinds and motorised blinds for customers in Brighton, Eastbourne and the surrounding areas.

Here are out top tips for choosing effective, hard-wearing window coverings for kitchens and bathrooms:

Choose Moisture-Resistant Materials

Water, steam and humidity are abundant in kitchens and bathrooms. This level of moisture means not all materials are suitable for these spaces. For example, moisture causes wood to expand and then shrink as moisture decreases, which can result in warping. It can also lead to issues like rot. Furthermore, fabrics can absorb a lot of moisture, leading to fading colours, damp smells and mould.

Consequently, Oh So Shutters recommends choosing roller blinds made from moisture-resistant fabric. For a different look and greater control over light and privacy, you could opt for faux wood Venetian blinds which offer the look of natural wood but are ideal for high-moisture areas. Our customers in Eastbourne also have the option of stunning PVC window shutters.

It is important to note that motorised blinds may not be suitable for the position of your windows. Our team will advise.

Optimise Space

It is common to use kitchen and bathroom windowsills as storage space. To maintain this, you will want to choose a window dressing which does not take up much room. Blinds are perfect for this reason – they do not obstruct windowsills and you can easily reach things whether the blind is open or closed.

On the other hand, slatted and solid panel shutters need room to open inwards.

Consider Privacy

For many homeowners in the Eastbourne area, privacy is the main reason for investing in window coverings. As such, you need to consider the amount of privacy offered by different options and how flexible this is to your needs.

Here are some points to think about:

  • To achieve total privacy with roller blinds, you will need to roll them fully down. This will also block light, so you may wish to choose a fabric which lets some light through
  • Venetian blinds allow you to tilt slats to tailor the level of privacy and light. Even when fully down, these blinds can let in plenty of natural light if you want
  • Café-style window shutters cover only the bottom half of the window, blocking prying eyes while letting in a lot of natural light
  • Tier-on-tier shutters offer the same benefits as café-style shutters, but you have the option to cover the top half of the window as well
  • Solid panel shutters offer maximum privacy, but they also block the most light
  • Motorised blinds allow you to operate blinds from a distance, so you do not have to stand by the window however, electric blinds are not always suitable for kitchen and bathroom windows

For solid panel shutters, Venetian blinds and more, call 03300 583225 Oh So Shutters covers Brighton, Eastbourne and the surrounding areas.